Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's actually been official for a few weeks now but I have been so busy that I haven't yet announced that I will be cruising the Hawaiian Islands in March compliments of CTMH!  I didn't think this cruise was possible for me but at the end of August I realized that with a lot of hard work and a little encouragement to some of my team members that it WAS a possibility!  I can't wait to set sail and tour all the islands that I have never seen before and probably never would have if not for this trip.  Our cruise will be extra special when we dock in Kona as that is where my brother and his wife moved to last summer!  They live there with my cute little nieces (pictured below) so we will be thrilled to see them!

Thank you SO much to all my loyal customers who helped me earn this trip of a lifetime!  Without you, I could not have done it!  Thank you to my team (the fabulous Stamping Sisters) for your support and especially to Leah D, April S, Tina J, Debbie K, Kathryn P, Jeanne F, Bobi T, Becky W, and Cheryl R who made their Straight to the Top goals which earned me cruising points!  You ladies ROCK!  Thank you to my special friends that I can call at any hour to bounce ideas off of and honestly tell me if my ideas are good or not - you know who you are!  Mwah!  And last but not least, Thank You to my husband and kids who haul countless numbers of boxes upstairs to the stamp room, count out pieces of paper and teeny tiny embellishments for workshops, eat popcorn or cereal for dinner while Mom has her stamping parties and overall support me in my business.  I LOVE YOU!

Stay posted because I will be sure to post pictures of our adventures in March!

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