Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas begins at my house today!  This is a tradition I started with my boys several years ago when I bought them each a tree for their room.  What point is having a Christmas tree if there are no presents under it?  So thus began our tradition.

We start each year on December 12th.  My family traditionally opens gifts on Christmas Eve and Stockings on Christmas Day.  By starting on the 12th, we finish up the 12 days on the 23rd.  Each day when they come home there is a gift under the tree.  This is usually a small stocking stuffer type gift.  In years past I haven't been prepared and have had to send Chester out at the last minute to get some candy or gum from the convenience store.  However, this year I am prepared!

I found these Christmas gify bags on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby.  Conveniently, my oldest son's favorite color is Red and my youngest's is Green.  I cut out some big numbers on my Cricut (with my CTMH Artiste cartridge, of course) and attached to the front.  Now each day, I know which bag goes under which tree!  Cooincidentally, the older sons tree is decorated with red lights (you can't tell with my camera flash) and the youger one's is green!

My boys have been anticipating this day for a while now.  It is a great lead up to Christmas!  Of course, the older they get the harder it is to find small gifts, but I think I pulled it off! 

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